There were already thousands of reasons for sneakerheads to head to Sneaker Con New Orleans, but there was probably one that stood out: a visit by Dwyane Wade with new Way of Wade exclusive colorways in tow.

This was going to be special. The MANSELLE team designed 2 fully customized Cadillac Escalade SUVs in architectural camo to match the sneakers. The vehicles were outfitted with interactive technology that allowed fans to touch any part of the trucks with their phones to be granted access to a digital portal for exclusive content. The trucks also featured flat screen TVs for gaming, phone chargers and more alongside live painting by artists Jeremy Paten and Kickasso.

While the fans ate up the impressive integrated tech and praised the design of landmark shoes, Wade himself bolstered his "Make Your Own Way" mantra by telling the fans that his relationship with the brand means, "I'm able to do things that I wasn't able to do with previous brands and that's kind of be a little bit more creative and have a little bit more control of how things are done."